Mega Nursing Services Inc is a home health care agency formed in 1988 by Donna Lycan.  Donna was a registered nurse working for the Florida Department of Health and Human Services (HRS) at the time.  Her mother, Verna Guymon, was a unit secretary for HRS Aging and Disabled services.  Verna and Donna would meet after work and talk about the need for coordinated home care services.  HRS was having dificulty linking vunerable and at risk adults with temporary services. 

Sometimes families had no idea their grandparents were struggling.  To supplement her income, Donna began working for a home care agency called Double Care Nursing Services in Hypoluxo.  It was called Double Care because they agency only had two clients, twin boys that were severly disabled.  After a few months, the agency closed, and there was no one helping the two boys.  Donna and another nurse began teaming up and servicing the boys. 

Donna’s son, Alan was attending FAU at the time, and decided to help and use some of the business techniques he had learned from his business classes.   In discussing what the name of the agency should be, Donna and Alan agreed it should be something big.  Mega seemed to be a perfect name for a company that had big plans for helping those in need.  Mega Nursing Services Inc was started.